Payment Options for Your Workers’ Compensation

Cove Risk Services offers a variety of installment plans and payment methods. Let us walk you through our payment options.


1. Paper Billing (by mail)

<$1,000 premium, pay in full
<$2,000 premium but >$1,000, 50% down and 50% due in April
>$2,000 premium, 25% down + 6 monthly installments


New Hampshire:
<$1,000 premium, pay in full
<$2,000 premium but >$1,000, 50% down and 50% due in April
>$2,000 premium, 25% down + 6-11 monthly installments.


(see mailing addresses below)


2. Pay by Easy Pay / Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Available for all premium sizes. Benefits: Spread your premium payments over multiple months, automatic payments saves you time, no installment fees.


MASSACHUSETTS: Payments are 25% down + 6 equal monthly installments (max)

Sign up for Easy Pay Massachusetts


Download MA Retail EFT form

Download MA Care EFT form

Download MA Healthcare EFT form

Download MA Manufacturing EFT form

Download MA Trade EFT form


NEW HAMPSHIRE: Payments can be monthly or bi-monthly, and may be spread over the course of the policy term.

Sign up for Easy Pay New Hampshire

Download NH EFT form


3. Pay-As-You-Go (or Pay-Go)

Pay-Go coordinates your payroll reporting to your policy premium payments, and often replaces the need for time consuming third party audits.


Why report your payroll through Pay-Go?

• Enhances cash flow.
• Reduces the burden of future audits.
• Eliminates the incidence of large premium fluctuations discoverable at audit.
• Enables better control over your workers compensation business expense.
• BEST OF ALL…Pay-Go can be coordinated through your existing payroll provider, bookkeeper or accountant!


Review our Pay-Go Comparison Chart to help you select the best Pay-Go option for your business.

See Pay-Go Registration


4. Pay On-Line

Please have your invoice available as you will need information from it. Then click on the link below to get started.


Pay Online






$2.95 service fee for ACH / 3.95% fee ($1.95 minimum) for Credit Card payments

(Debit/Credit Card payments and ACH payments allowed)


5. Pay By Phone

We accept payments by phone on an automated line: 844-321-9519.

$0.95 service fee applies, in addition to the fees outlined above for Pay On-Line.

(Debit/Credit Card payments and ACH payments allowed)


Cove Risk encourages all members of our groups to use our EasyPay and PayGo options for the reasons stated above.


Payment addresses by mail:


For Massachusetts Care & Healthcare Groups:

PO Box 859222-9222, Braintree, MA 02185


For Massachusetts Retail, Manufacturing & Trade,

and New Hampshire Groups:

PO Box 786292, Philadelphia, PA 19178-6292