Cove Risk Pay-Go

Pay-Go eliminates the gap between your payroll fluctuations and your policy premium, and often replaces the need for time consuming third party audits.
With Pay-Go you would pay no premium for the months associated with no payroll for your business. As payrolls gradually return over time, Pay-Go will allow you to pay only the premium associated with the payrolls you report.
Why report your payroll through Pay-Go?

• Enhances cash flow.
• Reduces the burden of future audits.
• Eliminates the incidence of large premium fluctuations discoverable at audit.
• Enables better control over your workers compensation business expense.
• BEST OF ALL…Pay-Go can be coordinated through your existing payroll provider, bookkeeper or accountant!
Review our Pay-Go Comparison Chart to help you select the best Pay-Go option for your business.
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