Association Members Workers’ Compensation Trust
to pay $154,750 in dividends to employer members


MANCHESTER, N.H. (June 1, 2023) – The New Hampshire Retail Association and the New Hampshire Grocers Association are proud to announce that our Association Members Workers’ Compensation Trust will pay dividends for the tenth year totaling $1,874,750 since inception to New Hampshire businesses that participated in the program during years 2018, 2017 and 2015.


The dividends were declared at the following percentage amounts for the stated policy years:
• 2018 declared percentage: 7.1%
• 2017 declared percentage: 5.6%
• 2015 declared percentage: 5.2%


Since its 2004 inception, the New Hampshire-based trust has paid $1,874,750 in dividends to participants. The dividends payments in 2023 total $154,750.


A self-insured workers’ compensation group program for retailers, grocers, restaurants, and golf and country clubs, the trust currently includes nearly 400 New Hampshire businesses with nearly $2.3 million in annual contributions. The trust offers upfront savings of up to 25% to qualified risks compared with many traditional insurance carriers.


The program was created in 2004 when the New Hampshire Retail Association (NH Retail) and the New Hampshire Grocers Association (NH Grocers) partnered to create a more cost-effective workers’ compensation program for members of the two organizations. The trust is administered by Cove Risk Services, LLC, a leading third-party administrator of self-insured workers’ compensation groups in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.


“We are very pleased to provide a dividend again to our members and are happy to provide meaningful savings to small and mid-sized employers, both through dividends and up-front savings.” said Curtis Picard, President and CEO of the New Hampshire Retail Association.


“Since its inception, this well-run workers’ compensation program has promoted safe work spaces for employees, and provided incredible savings for small businesses throughout New Hampshire.” said Kevin Daigle, President & CEO, New Hampshire Grocers Association.


NH Retail & NH Grocers members can expect their dividend checks in early June.


To get a quote or to learn more about the Association Members Workers’ Compensation Trust, call the NH Retail offices at 603-225-9748, the NH Grocers at 603-669-9333 or request a quote directly from Cove Risk Services.

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A self-insurance group is an association of similar businesses in a specific industry – like retailers and grocers – and in the same state that have joined together to self-insure themselves, providing stable and cost-effective workers’ compensation benefits to the members of the group.

Participation in a self-insurance group is not the equivalent of purchasing an insurance policy. Employers should first examine all relevant documents required for participation. Past dividend history is no guaranty of future results.